How long will my order take to ship?

Our processing times can change depending on how busy we get, the current processing time is always shown at the top of the page. (This does not include weekends or the time it takes for the item to get to you after shipping), this gives us enough time to make and ship the candles to you! Some orders can ship quicker than this depending on our current workload! Custom Candles may take longer due to the nature of the products but an estimated shipping date is always given! PLEASE NOTE: Processing time is the time it take to make your order and does NOT include the shipping time to your destination. Prints have a shorter processing time, this again will be on the home page! Prints may ship seperetly separately to candle orders if the packaging doesnt allow both to travel safetly together.

Can I order a Custom Candle?

Yes! There is a customs tab at the top of our website where you can fill out a form to start the custom candle request! All of the information is also included on that page! Custom candles may take longer than normal candles to ship due to the nature of the product, prices also may vary depending on the label design.

I ordered artwork from you as well as candles, will they ship together?

I sometimes ship artwork seperately from candles, this is because the artwork will go into an envelope with card or a cardboard tube in order to keep it safe during its journey to you, because of this I can't always fit the artwork into the same boxes as the candles! But if the artwork can easily and safely fit into the box with the candles then I will of course send them together.

Some of the candles that I want to order are out of stock, when will they be back?

I try my best to restock the shop every month, I also keep everyone updated on restocks on our Instagram page!

How can I become a rep/ambassador?

You can become a rep for our brand by entering our rep searches on Instagram. These rep searches are held every few months and we pick reps based on their interaction with followers and their entusiasm to be a rep! You cannot apply to be an ambassador, we hand pick our ambassadors.

My country is not availble to ship to?

If your country doesn't show up as a shipping option it is simply because we haven't added it yet! Please send us an email or message us on Instagram and we will add your location to our shipping preferences!

Can I pay via credit/debit card?

We currently only offer Paypal as our method of payment. This is because of issues we previously have had with credit card providers. You can check out with card details as a guest with Paypal via a desktop.

I'm from the EU, can I still order from you after Brexit?

Yes!! We will always offer international shipping, however your order may be subject to custom fees when it enters your country. These fees have nothing to do with us as a businesses and the buyer is responsible for paying them. You will have to find out the fees etc for your country to figure out how much of a fee will be added if your country enforces customs fees.