Customs and Commissions 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Or maybe you want to get the perfect gift for someone? Well look no further! We will help you reach your design dreams with our custom/commission options! 

Fill in the form below with as much information as you can and we will get back to you! 

Commission Options: (Prices given as an estimate, prices may vary depending on the design and do not include the price of the candle itself, print costs are included in overall cost)

- Candle label only design (from £20)

- Full Print only design (from £35 - A4, A3)

- Candle and print designs (from £45) 

Important information: Please read these before requesting. 



Custom orders may take longer than the current processing time, this is due to the designing process. 

All custom orders must be paid for upfront before a label design process will be started. 

Custom candles and prints will come at a higher cost than normal due to the fact that the designs are all hand drawn. Price will be quoted after the design idea has been discussed. We do not accept artwork from another artist and do not offer custom candles with stock images. Artwork will be designed in the same style as the rest of our candle and print range unless discussed otherwise. 

We will send you a list of available scent combinations after we have spoken about the design, custom scents can be requested but at a higher price due to the safety information that will be needed. (Recommended only for wholesale orders) 

Prices include changes to the overall design once after the original artwork has been agreed, not including colour amendment which can be changed at the end of the design process depending on the desired look. 

Cancellations: We do not accept cancellations or refunds after the design has been agreed upon and the design process has begun. 

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