About Us

Welcome to Historian's Emporium! We are a small UK female run business that specializes in candles and art prints inspired by natural and ancient history, complete with a vintage feel! Our candles are hand poured with soy wax, eco wicks and fragrance oils! Check out the FAQ page for more info! 

Historians Emporium was created in 2021. 

Meet Me!

My name is Samantha and I am an illustrator based in the UK! I started up Historians Emporium in Autumn 2021 after deciding to close my first shop that I have run since 2018! 

You may know me from my past business Samantha Paris Illustrations!

The decision to make this change came after rebranding my past shop which was affected then by covid and brexit. I took a break over the summer and started focusing on creating artwork only for myself which I then realised was completely different to the whole style of artwork I was creating for my first shop. I learnt a lot from my first business and while I am sad to see it go I realised that it wasn't working for me or for the audience I had gained since opening, my interests changed and I struggled to find a way to reflect this in my artwork while also trying to stay in the target audience I had started in, as a result I was creating artwork that I thought my audience wanted and I in the end I think my business got a bit lost! 

I decided to take another leap at running a small business, deciding to completely start fresh and hopefully hit a new audience of customers who love all things vintage and history as much as I do. I am very excited to start this new journey with you all and I hope you enjoy what my little shop brings!